Sunday, 9th May 2021

Man leaving contact details on pub clipboard catches Covid from the pen

A MAN has caught coronavirus from the pen a pub provided for customers so they could write down their contact details.

Health-conscious pub goer Tom Booker became infected with Covid-19 in the short space of time between handling the pen and liberally applying sanitiser while maintaining social distance.

Booker said: “I guess I’ve only got myself to blame for putting my hand near my face. Although I also blame the pen for not being cleaned every five seconds. Plus the f**king bat that started all this.

“The only thing worse than catching an incurable life-threatening disease has been everyone pointing out how ironic this is. Even the bar staff were crying with laughter when I phoned to tell them the bad news.

“Still, I’ve been worried about getting coronavirus for months. If I ride this out then I guess it can’t get any worse.”

The same details Booker wrote down have since been used by a criminal to steal his identity.