Man unaware he was an alcoholic until doing a questionnaire

A MAN has found out in the nick of time that he is chronically addicted to alcohol after doing a questionnaire on a website.

Supermarket worker Norman Steele came across a Mail Online quiz while sitting in his bedsit enjoying his daily tipple of cheap vodka and extra-strength cider.

He said: “One question was, ‘Do you need a drink in the morning just to get through the day?’ I’d previously assumed everyone has a couple of quadruple vodkas at 8am.

“Then it asked if you’d ever injured yourself as a result of drinking. I’m in A&E at least once a fortnight so I started to worry that might not be normal.

“The clincher was when it asked if your life had suffered due to booze. I lost my job as an airline pilot, my wife left me and I’m banned from driving, but I thought that was all just bad luck.

“I’ve realised I need help and I’ve got the questionnaire to thank for that. Otherwise I’d still be drinking three bottles of Tesco vodka a day thinking I was within the recommended limits.

“Anyone who’s concerned about their drinking should do a quiz on the internet. It’s the only way to find out if you’re enjoying alcohol responsibly or about to turn yellow and die.”