Millions of Britons ‘complacent about their drinking ability’

MANY Britons wrongly assume they can still drink as much as they used to, it has emerged.

Researchers found that millions are not sufficiently ‘match ready’ to handle more than three or four pints without feeling weird, even if they used to drink twice that on a Tuesday night.

Accountant Roy Hobbs said: “I had become complacent about my drinking ability, because as a younger man I would enjoy some serious sauce sessions with the pints consumption going well into double figures.

“But I tried emulating that behaviour on a recent work trip to Kiev and spent the next day kneeling naked in my hotel room, clutching the bed and praying to whatever god might listen for forgiveness.”

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Drinking isn’t something you can just dip into.  You never know when a ‘quick pint’ after work could turn into a full session, yet many of us would be unable to handle it, both in terms of the bender itself and the aftermath.

“Those who don’t experience regular hangovers often make a big fuss about it when they get one, even taking a day off work just because it hurts to look at bright things.”

Roy Hobbs added: “Now I’m having training pints most days. I’m not getting caught out again.”