Pegida also the name of a sexually transmitted disease

ANTI-ISLAM group Pegida shares its name with a type of nasty groin rash, it has emerged.

Doctors confirmed that pegida is a ‘sexually transmitted inflammation caused by tiny mites who travel down pubic hairs to burrow into the skin’.

GP Mary Fisher said: “When I saw those chumps on the news having a ruckus, I knew the name was somehow familiar.

“‘Pegida’, I thought, had to be either a type of piles ointment, a yeast infection or some other embarrassing type thing. I consulted a medical textbook and there it was.”

Pegida sufferer Tom Booker said: “I caught pegida from a girl I met at Aces nightclub in Gloucester. It’s not serious but it’s a bitch to get rid of, you have to get a special cream that smells weird.”

He added: “To be clear, I’m not a racist, I’m just a guy with itchy balls.”