Please, please stop us drinking beer in airports at 6am, say Britons

BRITISH air travellers will accept any regulation that stops them drinking full pints in airport bars at 6am, they have confirmed. 

Proposals to review alcohol sales in airports have been welcomed by millions who drank a Guinness alongside their full English breakfast and hated every mouthful.

Stephen Malley of Mansfield said: “I got up at 3am, had the cases in the car by quarter past, checked in at half-four and by 5.15am I was staring at a pint of Fosters as if it was a good idea.

“It was wrong, it was disgusting, and for the first four days in Malaga I had to switch to spirits, but I’d do it again because that’s what British people do in an airport at dawn.

“Whole stag parties were there, pints lined up, sipping and wincing. Even business travellers had no option but to heed the call of the open bar.

“I choked back that pint of Fosters. I ordered another. I had no choice. I was going on holiday.

“Please. End this.”