Poppers users wondering how else to get pounding headache

AMYL nitrate users are concerned about where they will get their instant headaches if it is made illegal. 

Poppers are currently legally available from unpleasant shops, but may soon become illegal and thus only available from local drug dealers.

Clubber Julian Cook said: “Poppers give you a short-lived high as a side effect, but really it’s all about getting the biggest headache imaginable.

“You just can’t get poppers-strength headaches through natural means, God knows I’ve tried.

“I once spent three hours with my head pressed against a washing machine on full spin and didn’t get a tenth of the right-behind-the-eyes-bastard a whiff of amyl can give me. 

“The next time I need a real teeth-clenched-silently-weeping headache, one of those where I can’t even open my eyes for the pain of the light blooming and fading, where will I go?”

He added: “I suppose there’s always carbon monoxide. That’s legal, so it can’t be bad for you.”