Thursday, 6th May 2021

Sunak worried country with 9,000 dying per week putting too much emphasis on the science

THE chancellor is concerned that Britain, where 9,000 lives are lost to Covid each week, is foolishly delaying economic recovery by concentrating on the virus. 

Rishi Sunak worries that scientists are ‘moving the goalposts’ to try and cut infections, hospitalisations and deaths from their sky-high level and are losing focus on reopening shops. 

He said: “All of a sudden, scientists are switching from ‘protect the NHS’ to ‘making Britain Covid-free’. What’s that about? 

“Since when was that a realistic goal? What’s wrong with reducing the R-number to below one then opening schools, shops, pubs and Nando’s like we did last time? If it ain’t broke, etcetera? 

“The trouble is they’re so bound up in their numbers – mutations, infections, number of deaths per day – that they forget about what’s important like deficits, borrowing, and plunging GDP. 

“We’re doing vaccines now, it’s all fine, this whole South African strain thing’s not a game-changer like Whitty says. He just likes being on the telly.” 

Sunak added: “I’m going to do Eat Out to Help Out again, but for booze. Once these scientists and their pedantic death counts get out of my way.”