Woman decides not to challenge racist bikini waxer

A WOMAN who believes in calling out prejudice in any situation decided not to say anything to the bigoted beauty therapist removing her pubic hair. 

Joanna Kramer has previously taken a stand against racism at family birthdays, in key meetings and even in a job interview, but has found that there is indeed a time and place and that mid-wax was not it.

She said: “I think it’s really important to oppose bigotry wherever you find it. But you don’t screw with the woman tearing hot wax strips off your vajayjay.

“I actually think I was wincing more when she said ‘all refugees are rapists’ and ‘Nigel Farage is a proper good bloke’ that I was at the actual procedure.

“I’m not a coward. I just think it’s important to pick your battles, and confronting her prejudices against marginalised people was likely to put her off her fanny game at what was a crucial time for me.

“The problem is I’ll be muff out next time I see her as well, making it once again impossible to bring up her hate speech, so I’ll probably go somewhere else.”

Kramer added: “I suppose she does also do eyebrow threading. I could call her a racist bitch then.”