Woman heroically battling lactose intolerance by having cream cake

AN inspirational woman has wowed friends and family by not letting her medical condition alter her Greggs order in any way.

Lucy Phipps, aged 29, visited her GP for a number of years with various stomach upsets. She pushed relentlessly for a diagnosis of lactose intolerance, so that she could keep eating huge amounts of ice cream and then have something to moan about.

Phipps said: “Too many people with this condition live their lives in fear. They think they should avoid dairy, just because it makes them unwell. But I can’t live like that. If I stop eating Häagen-Dazs, then the lactose intolerance wins.

“Of course, I take this illness seriously, so I have made some concessions. For instance, I don’t eat blue cheese or any form of yoghurt. I don’t like them so never really ate them before anyway, but that’s not the point.

“People often give me recommendations for dairy alternatives like oat milk or vegan chocolate. They never stop to think that maybe I have an inner strength that enables me to bravely choose the thing that tastes better, regardless of the consequences. Or smell.”

Phipps’ sister Joanna said: “Has she got a lactose intolerance or just naturally awful flatulence? Hard to say, but she’s less annoying if we pretend to believe her.”

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