Saturday, 24th October 2020

Woman washing hands 60 times a day driving filthy sh*t tip of a car

A WOMAN who is constantly washing her hands due to the coronavirus is still driving around in a disgusting sh*t tip of a car.

Donna Sheridan spends at least two hours a day wiping surfaces, keyboards, mobile phones and door handles yet has not cleaned inside her car for three years.

Sheridan’s husband Pete said: “It’s basically a f**king rubbish dump on wheels.

“There are things in there I don’t want to touch. There’s something that might have been an orange once. That’s next to some old snotty tissues.

“Donna spends hours washing her hands and smothering herself in antibacterial gel then gets into that germ-infested petri dish of a car. I love her but she is revolting.”

Donna Sheridan said: “Everyone knows you can’t catch coronavirus from a car. You also can’t catch it from dirty ovens, fridges and never washing your jeans.

“I mean, I’ve had hepatitis A, Salmonella and plenty of diarrhoea but not coronavirus.”