Woman who treated herself to takeaway now treating herself to six hours on toilet 

A WOMAN who treated herself to a ‘cheeky takeaway’ is subsequently indulging herself in a cheeky bout of gastroenteritis, she has confirmed. 

Admin assistant Nikki Hollis decided that, since it was payday, she would spoil herself with a curry from her favourite local followed by a gruelling six-hour workout of her intestinal system.

She said: “Day off? Curry for lunch? Don’t mind if I do.

“On the positive side, I’m losing weight, it’s given me time to think, and I’m sure I’ll really appeciate my good health once the uncontrollable diarrhoea stops.

“On the negative side I’m lonely, wracked with pain and it’s not really a life lesson that can be easily Instagrammed.

“Still, all part of the experience.”