Woman who went to doctor with cold moaning that NHS is overstretched

A WOMAN who went to see her GP because she had a bit of sniffle was outraged that the waiting room was full of people.

Francesca Johnson had been feeling run down and complaining of a ‘scratchy throat’ for two days when she made the appointment, despite knowing full well that a doctor could do shit all about it.

Johnson said: “I insisted that it was an emergency, which it was because I needed to go and buy a toaster shortly afterwards.

“The receptionist was very impatient, as if she had better things to do than wait for five minutes whilst I figured out how to use the calendar on my iPhone.

“When I arrived I found the waiting room was absolutely packed with people, and I had to wait for ages. When I finally saw the doctor she said I should rest, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids.

“I could have prescribed that myself. Honestly, what do these people train for seven years for? The NHS is in an appalling state and I’m tempted to go private.”

Johnson’s GP Julian Cook said: “If she went private it might help. Or, alternately, if she died.”