Tuesday, 11th May 2021

'Both sides just as bad as each other' says idiot

ALL politicians are no better or worse than any of the others, because they are politicians, according to an imbecile. 

Martin Bishop, who describes himself as a ‘free-thinking independent’, watched the Trump-Biden debate and decided it was a draw.

Bishop said: “Although Trump constantly interrupted, lied and gave a shout-out to a white supremacist group, Biden was equally at fault for getting annoyed and telling Trump to ‘shut up’.

“They’re just as bad as each other. All politicians are. I know this because I am more perceptive than the average political observer.”

This week Bishop also watched Prime Minister’s Questions, in which Keir Starmer once again performed far better than Boris Johnson, and came to a similar conclusion.

He said: “There’s no difference between them, really. Johnson may be completely terrible in every way but Starmer was wearing a suit, just like your typical politician.” 

Bishop’s wife Julia said: “I’m not sure if Martin is secretly a bit right-wing, but having been married to him for 20 years I think he may just be an idiot.”