Brexit to take 250 years

BRITAIN’s exit from the European Union is now on course to be completed by the middle of the 23rd Century.

According to experts the negotiations with the EU should take no more than 250 years involving 10 generations of politicians and bureaucrats.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Every single sentence of the deal with the EU will be voted on and then repealed at least 18 times.

“It will become woven into the fabric of our national life. Bureaucrats and politicians will be able to pass their role in the negotiations onto their children. They will inherit the family business.”

He added: “Perhaps family names may even change over the generations to reflect these jobs.

“In 2217 We could have a negotiators called Brian Singlemarketaccess and Helen Courtofhumanrights.

“Wouldn’t that be absolutely super?”