China ends fun experiment with capitalism

CHINA is to return to full-scale communism after realising capitalism is not really its ‘bag’.

As the value of the country’s economy was reduced to £124, the Chinese government ordered its 1.4 billion citizens to return their Volvos and iPhones.

President Xi Jinping said: “Well, that didn’t work.

“It was worth a try, but it seems that Chairman Mao was right. Completely insane, but, in his own way, also very wise.

“When you’ve got this many people it’s best to keep things simple. Which means bicycles, grey uniforms and and forcing the proletariat to build enormous dams.”

President Xi said the end of Chinese capitalism would mean no more pop music or fizzy drinks, but stressed the next dam would be so gigantic that no-one would care about shopping.

He added: “And for you guys in the west, it also means you can stop worrying about China taking over the world. At least not in an economic sense anyway.”

Meanwhile, America and the UK are to stick with capitalism after experts confirmed that Saturday afternoon at a retail park is as good as it gets.