Sunday, 9th May 2021

Did we say go to Spain? Sorry, we meant 'lose two weeks' income', clarifies government

THE goverment has clarified that when it said ‘go to Spain’ it meant ‘prepare for a fortnight’s house arrest and possibly losing your job’. 

Tourism minister Nigel Huddleston has confirmed that anyone who did not stockpile 14 days food and warn their employer they may need an additional two weeks off was not listening hard enough.

He continued: “When we said ‘it is imperative that you help Britain’s struggling travel and tourism industry by holidaying in Spain, where you will be welcomed as a hero’ there were a few caveats.

“Namely that you go at your own risk, that if there’s a Covid spike and you’re unable to leave the country that’s your problem, and that when you get home you’re back in the house for two weeks.

“We’re encouraging employers to be understanding, which they won’t be, and we’re offering no other help of any kind. Do be careful getting home from the airport, won’t you?”

Plasterer Jordan Gardner, returning from Ibiza, said: “I’ve already been out of work half the year. Loads of lads are getting laid off. I take another fortnight now, I’m fired.

“So I’ve said I went to Turkey instead.”