Fake news media having a particularly busy day

THE fake news media is busily reporting all kinds of lies and nonsense while ignoring the real story about how America is becoming great again, a source has claimed. 

Outlets devoted to fake news, including the New York Times, CNN, USA Today and all foreign media organisations, are frantically reporting criminal charges against two people Trump never met while refusing to cover the United States’ incredible resurgence. 

Journalist Helen Archer confirmed: “I know the truth – that America, thanks to one man, is back at number one – but it’s more than my job’s worth to report it. 

“Instead I have to focus on these two men unconnected to the Trump administration facing entirely unrelated criminal charges and make a big fuss about it as if it matters even slightly. 

“The most popular president of all time has put America on top, destroyed ISIS, and ended the War on Christmas and I’m reporting this garbage. But those are my orders. 

“If only I could listen to the people and give them the facts about the country they cherish being better than ever. But I knew when I joined the fake news media that lies were how I earned my pay.” 

An anonymous source said: “There is a single Twitter account that tells the unvarnished truth about America’s greatness. They call it Real Donald Trump.”