Galloway blocks Obama

GEORGE Galloway has blocked Barack Obama on Twitter.

The former MP issued an edict that he would not listen to any more of Obama’s utterances three minutes after the president’s first tweet and urged his followers to do likewise.

Galloway said: “Saying hello to everyone on Twitter was a flagrantly provocative act by the puppet president of the United States of so-called America and he has been most unwise to do so.

“He will be hearing from my representatives in due course. Have I mentioned Palestine yet? Palestine.”

Galloway also called for a recount of Obama’s followers, claiming 1,270,000 of the president’s 1.5 million followers are false accounts set up by Labour to smear him. He insisted that when these are discounted it will show he is still the more popular figure on Twitter.

He added: “A mighty lion may get a retweet from Rula Lenska and does not that prove him more righteous than a jackal joking with Bill Clinton?”