Greece to be renamed ‘Olympikenstaat’

GREECE is to be renamed ‘Olympikenstaat’ following Germany’s first successful invasion of the country for more than 70 years.

'We're going to need a bigger sausage'

The terrified Olympikenstaatians surrendered to huge, invincible columns of German money shortly before midnight.

Olympikenstaatian prime minister, George Papandreou, said: “Welcome, oh brave German masters. Feel free to liberate our priceless works of art and control every aspect of our economy.

“We look forward to you making all our decisions for us and moulding we poor Olympikenstaatians into disciplined economic warriors who will one day be able to help you invade Turkey.”

He added: “If there’s anything you need, just shout. But look who I’m talking to.”

Following the successful invasion of Greece, timed to coincide rather neatly with the resurrection of Rudolf Hess, the Germans have now set their sights on Portugenfurt, Sangriaplatz and Topothemorninstaat. 

Delighted German chancellor Angela Merkel said: “Hitler was an arse.

“All those people slaughtered and cities laid waste when all he had to do was get everyone together in Rome and suggest a series of treaties that would eventually deliver a Thousand Year Reich but without all those ridiculous SS trousers and the pointless arm waving.

“But that’s Hitler for you – right about Volkswagens, wrong about Jewish people.

“So often the way.”