Pope Backs Plan To Piss Off Jesus-Killers

POPE Benedict rounded off his historic visit to the Holy Land yesterday by seizing an opportunity to stick it to the Christ-murderers.

The Pope also loves their funny hats

Backing calls for a Palestinian state, the Pontiff said the Jews 'shouldn't even be here in the first place', claiming a previous German government had come up with a 'perfectly sensible plan to send them all to Madagascar'.

Mr Pope told Palestinian leaders in Jerusalem: "The Christian presence here diminishes yearly, despite us having the biggest god with the best super-powers. But this West Bank stuff is a lot of horseshit, if you'll pardon my Latin.

"It is iniquitous that people should be forced, in their own homeland, into heavily-guarded ghettos and denied their basic human…ah, right, fair enough, ignore that bit."

He added: "Anyway, the point I'm making is they deny the Christ. Then again, so do you, but at least you have no truck with poovery."

The Pontiff said Judaism had benefited too long from friendly media coverage, insisting: "They got fantastic press for the Marx Brothers, Irving Berlin and Schindler's List and what do we get? Dan Brown, the St Winifred's School Choir and Nuns On The Run.

"They kill Jesus and then invent both communism and Lesley Joseph and everyone loves them. We ignore the odd holocaust, molest the odd child and all of a sudden we're the bad guys. I'm fucking sick of it."