Putin avoids corruption allegations by deciding result two weeks ago

THE result of Russia’s parliamentary election was decided two weeks ago and then locked in a safe to prevent corruption.

Putin likes to ride horses and then poison them

Prime minister Vladimir Putin stressed the result had been approved by an independent advisory committee who were now under his 24-hour protection.

He said: “In order to ensure that there was absolutely no whiff of sleaze or corruption about the independent advisory committee, I appointed this man myself.

“I trust his judgement completely and the fact that he is me simply makes me trust him even more.”

Putin also said the pre-approved drop in support for his own party
showed that Russia was now an advanced country that could arrange
election results in a very realistic way.

He added: “Democracy is far better for everyone if government is as small as possible. Or – in the interests of really keeping costs down – just the one person.

“It is not for me to say who that person should be. But it should be me. And it is.”

Mr Putin is also running for president in March, with the election result expected some time in February.