Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Sending gunboats after the French exactly what I voted for, says Brexiter

A BREXITER has confirmed that deploying the Royal Navy to fire on French fishermen is absolutely what he voted for in 2016. 

Norman Steele of Colchester is only angry that it has taken four-and-a-half years to reach the sensible, common-sense decision to defend our fish by overwhelming force of arms.

He said: “Bugger just the Navy. Get the air force out in helicopter gunships, low-level flights. Strafe a few cows in Brittany, see how they like it.

“Our nation made the choice to become isolated, alone and off-limits to the rest of the continent in one voice in the referendum. This is only where it starts. By next year we’ll be mining Oslo harbour and deploying nuclear submarines in the Med.

“Oh, we’ll go to war for cod. We’ve done it before. I personally still haven’t forgiven the Icelandics for their cowardly victory of ’76, and I hope they’re next.”