‘The crowd definitely reached all the way to the Washington Monument,’ Trump tells May

PRESIDENT Trump has spent his full hour with the prime minister discussing the crucial issue of underestimated crowd sizes at his inauguration last week. 

Dismissing Theresa May’s attempts to bring up trade deals, NATO and China, Trump has insisted they go over the photographs once again until she understands exactly how big the event was.

He continued: “What the media did, what they did Theresa, was they edited the photographs. They can do that now with the cyber. They digitally removed the crowd.

“On this photo, taken from where I was, you can see the real crowd size. Huge, the biggest inauguration ever in history, period. Millions. No empty seats. None.

“I’d like us to come out of this summit and declare that together to the media. Present a united front because isn’t that what the Special Relationship means? Okay?”

Trump added: “Agreed? Okay, great. Fantastic. Okay, well now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the TV ratings.”