‘I made you a mixtape’, Trump tells Putin

DONALD Trump has given Vladmir Putin a mixtape full of his favourite songs about being tough. 

The US president has stayed up for four nights making the C90, hand-lettered in biro with its title ‘Ain’t Got Time To Bleed’, which he will present to his Russian counterpart today.

Trump said: “I make – though they don’t report it – the best mixtapes. And the difference with a mixtape is that it’s personal. You can’t buy it from a store.

“There’s so much for him to enjoy on there. You’ve got Bruce Springsteen singing about America which is where I’m from, you’ve got Michael Jackson, a good friend of mine, singing about Moscow which is where he’s from.”

Trump added: “There’s Eye of the Tiger from Rocky IV where the American won against the Russian, even though the fake news media said he wouldn’t. He won. You can check that.

“I’ve put on AC/DC, Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner because he is one, Pat Benatar, real American music.

“Maybe he’ll listen to it in the Kremlin and then call me. I would like that.”