Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Trump spends ten minutes with Johnson and is in deep sh*t already

PRESIDENT Trump has spent three years getting away with murder but after ten minutes with Boris Johnson is now getting impeached. 

The president, previously thought to be untouchable, made the mistake of sharing a press conference with the UK calamity yesterday and now faces impeachment proceedings because the bad luck rubbed off.

A White House source said: “We told him to stay well away from that assh*le. Guy’s a jinx.

“Seriously, we’ve got a president who gives handjobs to Russia, screws porn stars, builds imaginary walls with Mexico and backs white terrorism and walks away without a scratch. It’s his only skill.

“But he had to push it, so he takes a meeting with the pariah of Europe who’s suddenly getting caught for everything he used to get away with, and the curse jumps right across.

“Impeachment? Just for what, making military aid to the Ukraine dependent on smearing his opponent? That crap would have just washed off before.

“Johnson’s a Jonah. We’re cutting all trade ties with Britain immediately. They’re Iran to us now.”