Trump convinced this is actually clever

DONALD Trump believes that firing the man investigating his collusion with Russia is a really clever solution to the whole problem, he has confirmed. 

The president is patting himself on the back for his inspired decision to summarily dismiss FBI director James Comey, thereby ensuring the whole Russia thing will never be raised again.

A White House aide said: “You can hear him chuckling at his own brilliance right through the West Wing.

“Genuinely, he can’t wait to see this morning’s headlines, because he’s expecting across-the-board congratulation for getting rid of the guy who wronged Hillary.

“He was all, ‘That’s how you do business, Jared! Boom! Investigation over, Trump innocent, we will not be hearing from that guy again’.

“He also asked security to check Comey didn’t have a VHS videotape on him, especially one labelled ‘Ritz-Carlton Moscow 2013’, and when he didn’t said, ‘Great. That’s that one buried.’”

Trump added: “And did you notice I used my catchphrase? ‘You’re fired?’ Beautiful.”