UK responds thoughtfully to German election with Hitler jokes

BRITONS have responded to the worrying rise of the far-right in Germany with thoughtful, well-considered Hitler jokes, it has emerged.

After Alternative fur Deutschland won a large share of the vote, the intelligent and measured British reaction was to joke about the Nazis and extremely well-worn Germanic stereotypes.

Office worker Martin Bishop said: “I’m surprised the AfD did so well because I assumed they’d be driving around in their panzers trying to pinch all the sun loungers!

“Personally a revival of the German far-right doesn’t worry me, because as Corporal Jones said, ‘They don’t like it up ‘em!’. Ha ha.”

Bishop then amused colleagues by singing the wartime song about Hitler having one testicle, although the relevance to the 2017 Bundestag election was unclear.

Teacher Tom Logan said: “History has taught us we have to take the far-right in Germany very seriously.

“Sorry, I just got distracted thinking about the Fallen Madonna with ze Big Boobies.”