£120 train ticket better get sodding checked

A TRAIN ticket that cost more than £100 had better get checked by either a guard or a barrier or preferably both.

Train passenger Nikki Hollis forked out triple figures for an off-peak, unreserved seat between Cardiff and London Paddington, and is now going to make sure someone or something actually bothers to check it.

She said: “This ticket single-handedly ate up all my disposable income for the month. If I don’t have to put it through gates at both ends of my journey and show it to an inspector I’m going to lose my shit.

“Unlike freeloaders who cower in the toilets or pretend to be asleep, I’ll be striding up and down the carriages waving my ticket in the air. It would be a waste to hide a prestige purchase like this in my pocket.

“Don’t train companies realise that the risk of tickets being checked is the only thing keeping them afloat? Take that away and social contracts like the quiet carriage or letting people off before you board would swiftly descend into Mad Max-style anarchy.

“Hordes of ravenous cheapskates would then quickly flood onto the nation’s platforms, safe in the knowledge that rush-hour journeys will no longer bankrupt them. The buffet cart would be ransacked in seconds.

“That being said I’m going to be pissed off if I have to dig out my railcard. It’s right at the bottom of my handbag and it expired in 2018.”

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