Adrenaline junkie actually attention junkie

A MAN who claims to be hooked on exciting activities is really just addicted to telling people about them.

Despite claiming to be addicted to the thrill of extreme sports, Nathan Muir’s real excitement comes from standing in the centre of a group of people in a bar or at party and going on and on and on about it.

Muir said: “I absolutely love the buzz of stuff like skydiving. Just talking about it, I can feel it again right now – but somehow stronger. Have you ever done it? Actually, it doesn’t matter.

“Did I tell you I did the world’s tallest bungee jump in New Zealand? Look at this picture of me doing it. And this video. And this commemorative t-shirt, which also has the picture on, and this picture of me wearing the t-shirt.”

Muir’s friend Tom Booker said: “Nathan loves extreme stuff, like being extremely irritating on social media. If I have to see another shaky GoPro video I’m going to tell everyone how he shat his pants at Alton Towers in Year 10.”