Monday, 25th May 2020

Bar owner cannot believe people will pay ten quid for a 'mocktail'

A BAR owner cannot believe he is getting away with charging £10 for a ‘mocktail’.

Publican Tom Booker explained that he - along with the entire industry - is constantly surprised at being able to 'take the absolute piss' for mixing some fruit juice.

Booker said: “When we introduced them we charged eight quid and I was sure we’d get a lot foul-mouthed complaints. Then we whacked them up to £9, and now £10. Because it’s ‘Dry January’.”

But Booker insisted his customers were not being duped in any way: “We put the ingredients right there on the menu. They know exactly what they’re getting.

“Our 'Nojito' is a lime and soda with some mint in it, while our 'No Sex on the Beach' is just cranberry and orange juice.

“We might put those up to £12 on Friday night.”