Boy racer on 814th consecutive night of driving around pointlessly

A YOUNG driver has spent every night for well over two years driving around aimlessly in his crappy car.

Apprentice electrician Wayne Hayes spends a phenomenal amount of time on the confusing ritual which appears not to involve socialising, impressing girls or even particularly fast driving.

Hayes’ mum Sandra said: “I was worried he was getting into dangerous races but he just seems to drive around for hours, like a taxi driver but without getting paid or meeting new people.

“He even went out for a drive on Christmas Eve. Was he hoping to impress Santa? I reckon a magical flying sleigh could easily burn off Wayne’s knackered Citroen Saxo.

“I’m probably being too harsh. If he keeps it up he could get into the Guinness Book of Records with one of those mindless records like collecting the most ceramic squirrels.”

Hayes said: “It definitely isn’t pointless. I could easily find myself sucked into a Fast & Furious scenario where my driving skills are needed on an important adventure.

“That hasn’t happened yet, but that’s probably because I need a whale tail spoiler. Or maybe it’s to do with living in Knutsford.”