Bridesmaid pushing bride to be a nightmare so it’ll go viral

A BRIDESMAID is subtly pushing her friend to make more and more unreasonable wedding demands so her post about them will go viral. 

Carolyn Ryan only agreed to be Francesca Johnson’s chief bridesmaid so her Bridezilla posts would build her profile, but is disappointed with how reasonable her friend is being.

Ryan said: “The band she’d booked pulled out, and she just booked another one? That’s not boosting my Instagram. I need tantrums.

“So I’ve booked her fiancee in a Sofia lapdancing club, cancelled her cake, and every time we get together I make her watch another Kardashian wedding and whisper ‘You deserve that.’

“There are promising signs – she gave a florist a hardcore bollocking yesterday – but we’re still some way from the full-on frothing insanity that gets a Facebook post in Mail Online. She needs to up her game.

“So I’ve sent an email from her account banning all family from the ceremony unless they give her a grand in cash each. That should be at least a start.”

Bride Johnson said: “I’m waiting until Carolyn’s paid £300 for her dress, then I’m changing them all to peach. That should get me a freakout I can monetise on YouTube.”