Fresher getting ready for night out that will wreck her career in 10 years’ time

A UNIVERSITY fresher is currently getting ready for the night out that will destroy her career in 2028.

Excitable maths student Nikki Hollis, 18, is blissfully unaware that the evening will lead to disciplinary hearing and dismissal in a decade.

She said: “We’re going on a big pub crawl with everyone from my halls of residence, it’s going to be so much fun. I’m not a massive drinker, but I can let my hair down.”

The subsequent video of her puking into a drain wearing Wonder Woman costume, will be posted to Instagram by some bastard.

She will not be aware of this until 2028, when it will be used to oust her from a promising position at a management consultancy firm.

The group’s male party-goers will also be the subject of several risque videos, including footage of them groping women in a club and singing racist football chants, but will face no repercussions either on the night or in future.