Couple who went to New York making sure everyone knows they stayed in Brooklyn

A COUPLE who went on holiday to New York are making sure everyone knows they stayed in the ‘coolest’ area, Brooklyn.

Nathan Muir and Donna Sheridan are unable to recount any part of their holiday without stressing that it took place in Brooklyn, as if anyone ultimately gives a shit.

Muir said: “New York is amazing. We could see the Empire State Building from our Air BnB in Brooklyn, which is like the cool part of the city. Which is where we were. Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn is where the best pizza and coffee is. I feel like I’m an honorary Brooklyner now. They have craft beer, which you don’t get in the UK. Lucky we were in Brooklyn.

Sheridan continued: “The graffiti in Brooklyn is so much better than the graffiti in other places in New York. We didn’t go anywhere else though. We stayed in Brooklyn.”

A spokesman for the New York tourist board confirmed that visitor numbers to Brooklyn increased after the 2014 craze for beards, trendy beers and shit art films brought an unprecedented amount of bellends together in one place.