Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Dad certain kids will treasure all 500,000 photos he took of their childhood

A MAN is sure his kids will enjoy the half-million photos he took of their childhood despite it taking years to view them all.

Martin Bishop believes the pictures will be a source of joy, even though most of them depict tedious things, are badly framed and generally a waste of data.

Bishop said: “Every moment has been captured, from them watching TV to eating fish fingers. The kids won’t able to stop looking at these. All 501,228 of them.”

However daughter Lucy Bishop, 14, said: “These days we can’t do anything without taking a photo. Yesterday dad took a picture of me standing by the bin for some reason.

“Half a million doesn’t even include mum’s photos or the videos. The way it’s going I’ll be spending all my precious 20s looking at embarrassing pictures of teenage me covered in zits.

“It might be different if Dad was a decent photographer but he’s not. I’ll still be looking at pictures of the dog with its head missing when I’m 50.”

Martin Bishop added: “At the current rate of photo-taking the kids could have tens of millions of photos to treasure, if they’re not dead from old age.”