Friday, 5th June 2020

Family spend 30 grand on camping gear for 'cheaper holidays'

A FAMILY who bought a tent to save money have been forced to blow their life savings on all the fucking equipment you need to go with it.

The Sheridan family of Norwich bought a family-sized tent in the Argos sale before realising they would also need the outdoor supplies of a small army.

Donna Sheridan said: “We’ve had to buy beds, cooking gear, cool boxes, sleeping bags, windbreakers, chairs, table, torches and lots more. It feels like an odd way to save money.

“Then we had to buy a secondhand camper van because there was no bloody way it would all fit in the car. Still, at least there’s somewhere to put the mountain bikes. I feel sick thinking how much they cost.

“I’ve been totting it up and once you add in the pitch fees, electric hook-up fees and parking fees I’m pretty sure we could have had more trips to Disneyland than Mickey Mouse.

“Camping had better be bloody excellent. We’ve never actually done it before.”