Friday, 10th July 2020

Hairdresser's hair not inspiring confidence in hairdressing abilities

A HAIRDRESSER’S hair is inspiring fear rather than confidence in her hair styling abilities. 

After taking a seat at her local salon, Nikki Hollis began to experience rising panic as she noticed stylist Emma Bradford’s worryingly alternative hairdo.

Hollis, 27, said: “Emma’s hair was like an Escher picture – every part I focused on led to more confusion.

“There were definitely a few different colours going on there, some very intriguing layers and I think she’s got some symbols shaved into an undercut.

“However I’d brought a picture of a simple bob, so I was sure it would be fine. It was not.”

Picking up on Hollis’s nervousness, Bradford reassured her that she would make her look ‘funky’ before setting to work. 

Hollis added: “In the time-honoured tradition of hairdressers, that was code for ‘I’ll do whatever I want’ and now I’ve got an asymmetric pixie cut that will take years to grow out.”