High roller has £102.40 in Nectar Points

A MAN feels he is doing pretty damn well in life due to his substantial wealth in Nectar points.

With over £100 on his Nectar card, Tom Logan is living a lifestyle beyond his wildest dreams and believes he is a respected figure in the community.

Logan said: “I’m in a good place financially. If I want a top-of-the-range Sainsbury’s deep pan pizza I just redeem a few Nectar points and don’t think twice about the expense.

“It wasn’t always like this. When I was a young man I’d have pathetic sums like £2.43 on my card. Now when I tell people how rich I am in Nectar points they look really surprised.

“They definitely respect me, like Vito Corleone in The Godfather. If someone comes to me with a problem – say my niece Suzi wants a Freddo – I’ll take care of it.

“With wealth comes responsibility. Sure I could have wild parties every night, but you’ve got to spread the opportunities around, like when I bought my parents a bucket from Argos.

“My advice to a young guy coming up in the world of Nectar points is you’ve got to work for it. By which I mean mainly shopping in Sainsbury’s and BP garages.”

Logan’s status was recently challenged when he overheard a well-spoken woman say she had £250 on her Waitrose card, but he has decided that was a ridiculous lie.