Instagram's Rich Kids of Cornwall proudly display their fish, nuts and berries


INSTAGRAM’S ‘Rich Kids of Cornwall’ have been showing off their nuts, fish and berries on the social network.

The posts showcase the spoils that come with being part of the duchy’s elite.

Flaunting images of tin-plated air rifles and prize-winning marrows, accompanied by hashtags like #toomanytwigs, #howweliving and #potatoharvest, the photos give an insight into the exclusive and sometimes outrageous lives of young Cornish one-percenters.

One shot tagged with #richkidsofcornwall featured a young man clad head to toe in brand new fishing overalls.

Another video showed one rich kid counting what looked like 20 apples spread across a picnic blanket, before speeding off on a horse.

Mary Fisher, heir to a crab pot fortune, said: “Being a rich kid of Cornwall isn’t just about having wealth – it’s about showing it off. I’ve got eighteen mackerel in this plastic box and I want the whole world to know it.”

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Bored baby wondering when mum going back to work

A BORED five-month-old child wants his mother to return to work, insisting has never really seen himself as a ‘stay at home baby’.

Ben Logan has always planned to go to nursery as soon as his mother seems ready, and is ‘itching to get out into the world’, having been stuck at home with her since being born.

Logan said: “It may not be the socially acceptable thing to say, but I don’t want to devote myself entirely to her.

“I long to be the independent, free-spirited foetus I was before she had me, when I didn’t have to meet her constant demands. I want to play with rattly things without being photographed and sent round on the family Whatsapp. I want a life.”

Logan added: “Also, I don’t want to get to a point in 10 months’ time where Dad just sees me as his ‘little stay at home baby’.

“If I can be engaged in the real world of miniature kitchens at nursery, I’ll have more to babble to him about as I pour yoghurt on the dog. He’ll see me as an interesting, fully-rounded human being and be less likely to replace me with a younger model.

“I’ve calculated that Mum just needs to use her entire salary to cover my childcare costs and Dad’s salary can then be used to clothe, feed, house and entertain me.”