Sunday, 26th January 2020

Losing scratchcard stared at for extra 20 seconds just in case

A LOSING Lotto scratchcard has been stared at for an additional 20 seconds on the chance that the buyer mistook £200 for £5,000 at first glance. 

Martin Bishop bought the Double Match scratchcard for £2 yesterday and, after uncovering eight non-matching numbers within 13 seconds, proceeded to check in case his eyes had failed to correctly recognise matching numbers.

He said: “That time I won £500 I didn’t have to check. I knew. Because two of the numbers were the same.

“But whenever I can’t immediately see matching symbols or a line or whatever, I always go back and make absolutely sure rather than throw a winning card away, like a fucking idiot.

“So far I’ve always confirmed my initial findings rather than overturning them, which only goes to show that it’s well worth doing.

“Then I mutter ‘fuck, that cost two quid’ before I go and buy another one.”