Man uses mystic insight to convince wife they need new car

A MAN has convinced his wife that they need to upgrade their car with his automotive soothsayer abilities.

Nikki Hollis and her husband David are currently driving a 2015 Skoda Superb but have confirmed plans to trade it in for a brand new Land Rover Discovery they absolutely cannot afford.

Nikki Hollis said: “David instinctively feels something isn’t right, it’s been driving ‘funny’ apparently and he senses we could be in for a nasty repair bill.

“We took it to the mechanics and they said there was nothing wrong but David has insisted they’re just bastards waiting for it to break down.

“He then started shouting ‘the bloody Skoda carburettor is going to pack in I know it’ and angrily pointing at the unbeatable fuel efficiency details in the Discovery brochure.”

Hollis added: “We are no longer going on a family holiday because of David’s mystic gift.”