Man wearing chinos must not be aware there are other kinds of trousers

A MAN wearing chinos must somehow be unaware of all the other kinds of trousers in the world, it has been claimed.

Martin Bishop was seen wearing the chinos in his local coffee shop this morning, with many onlookers suggesting he ‘must have lost some sort of bet’.

Barista Nathan Muir said: “I don’t like to judge people because of their trousers, but I simply do not understand why he would be doing this?

“I didn’t say that to him. I just smiled, served him, said thanks for the tip and then silently judged him. What is wrong with him?”

Eyewitness Emma Bradford added: “That guy’s pretty cute. Maybe I’ll wander up to the counter while he’s there and…Jesus Christ what is he wearing on his legs?”

After Bishop left the coffee shop he was approached by a homeless man who offered to give him his trousers as he ‘looks like he needs them more than I do’.