Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Nonconformist couple living off home-grown veg and parent-grown inheritance

A COUPLE are totally independent thanks to food they grow themselves and money they inherited from their families.

Nathan Muir and Francesca Johnson have created an enormous vegetable patch in the back garden of the four-bedroom house they own outright and are now completely self-sufficient, apart from non-vegetable stuff.

Johnson explained: “Everything we use, we grow and make ourselves. Except, you know, things like clothes and toiletries and bread and power and drugs and nights out.

“We let our families cover those costs, which makes them feel happy and part of the eco-revolution. 

“We feel so grounded and connected to the earth. It’s a far purer, more real way of living than other people we know, who've all chosen to have jobs for some inexplicable reason.”

Muir praised the couple’s bravery for quitting 'the rat race', which he feels he knows intimately after interning at a PR company for two months after university before f*cking off round Europe in a camper van.

He said: “We’ll actually be turning a profit soon. Not from the vegetables, obviously, but from the wellness retreat we’re setting up in India for dreadful people like us.”