Thursday, 25th February 2021

Only get a neck tattoo if you're famous, advises man with neck tattoo

A MAN believes it is best to hold off getting a tattoo covering all of your neck until you are rich, famous and highly desirable to women anyway.

After getting a large and intricate tattoo on his throat, Josh Hudson was disappointed by the negative response and feels it may be related to his lack of fame and working in a supermarket.

Hudson said: “I thought it was awesome, with all the roses, tigers, crucifixes and eagles, but the first thing my colleague Emma said was ‘What the f**k is that on your neck?’.

“The wider reaction hasn’t been much better. Women haven’t exactly been throwing themselves at me. Even my mum just sighed and said ‘What have you done now, Josh?’ instead of complimenting my edgy body art.

“That bloke who’s going out with Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t get grief over his. Seems like it’s one rule for people who work in Asda and another for members of Blink 182.

“I think I should have become famous before getting the tattoo. Still, it will motivate me to get my rockstar, actor or multi-millionaire rapper career off the ground.”

Hudson added that his recent decision to wear a scarf frequently was solely “because it’s cold”.