Parents avoid hassle of going to theme park by emptying wallets into bog

AN ingenious couple have saved themselves a whole day of queuing at Thorpe Park by just emptying their wallets into the toilet.

Parents Emma and Nathan Muir decided to calculate the cost of the day and flush it, while making their children form queues in the comfort of their own home.

Dad Nathan said: “The kids have been begging to go to Thorpe Park for months, but once they’ve stopped crying and threatening to run away they’ll see this is actually better.

“Instead of getting up at 5am and having a three-hour drive with the children punching each other all the way, we got up at a sensible time and watched a slideshow of motorway traffic.

“Then we got the full theme park experience by standing in a line in the hallway for an hour and a half. There wasn’t a ride at the end of it but they only last a minute or two anyway.”

Emma Muir agreed: “It’s not like they’re missing out. Later we’re going to make them queue for ages outside in the rain. Then they get one go each on the slide while I take a picture on my mobile.

“Then they can decide whether to buy the picture for an extortionate £20. It’s expensive but it’s nice to have a reminder of such a magical day.”