Tuesday, 4th August 2020

'Quick, easy' recipe from Guardian still being prepared eight days later

A COUPLE who tried to make a 'fast, easy mid-week supper recipe' from the Guardian recipe are still cooking it almost eight days later.

Martin Bishop and Francesca Johnson spotted the recipe in the Guardian Weekend magazine and naively believed its promise that they could throw it together in 20 minutes,

Johnson said: “After 45 minutes we hadn’t started frying the smoked garlic in the avocado oil because it had taken so long to separate the pomegranate seeds. Then we started arguing about whether za’tar is a spice or an instrument the Beatles used on Sergeant Pepper.

“We tag teamed through the night, both sleeping for five minutes at a time so we could keep basting the beef coulotte with yak butter.

“We’ll finish it. If only because we’ve agreed that when it’s done we’re chucking it straight in the bin because we’re sick of the fucking sight of it.”