Should you tell people about the dream you had last night?

DID you have a dream last night and are desperate to tell someone about it? Find out whether that is a good idea with our handy quiz.

Was the dream in any way interesting?

A. Kind of. I was on Love Island when nuclear mushroom clouds started appearing everywhere but me and TV historian Lucy Worsley escaped on Aslan.

B. Dead right it was! I was walking round my old primary school for ages and I had to get a box or something, I can’t remember why. Crazy stuff!

Was the person you were planning to tell about the dream in it?

A. No.

B. Yes! I distinctly remember being at their funeral and seeing their gravestone. I’d better warn them they’re going to die soon.

Did anything particularly strange happen in your dream?

A. Yes! I dreamt I was on Masterchef but I have no interest in cooking!

B. Yes! I dreamt I was shagging my auntie!

Is the dream really of interest to your colleagues?

A. Totally. Kate and Belinda love analysing dreams.

B. Totally. I was running round the office shooting them all with a gun in revenge for all the times they’d pissed me off.

Do you think your dreams have a deeper meaning?

A. Nah, it’s just something to chat about that isn’t work.

B. Yes. The one where I was Hitler clearly means I am destined for great things.

Mostly As. You’re probably safe to share your dream with others but bear in mind it is still a dream and therefore they may weep with boredom.

Mostly Bs. Maybe keep your dreams to yourself, especially the one where you’re the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.