Six reasons why you might as well say ‘f*ck it’

ARE you still trying? Really? Even after everything that’s happened?

Well, good for you I guess, but in case you were just searching for a decent excuse here are six reasons why you should just give up now.

It’s not worth it
Let’s face it, it’s an awful lot of effort and for what, at the end of the day? Do you genuinely think you’ll get back everything you’re putting in? Even if it all worked out perfectly, which it won’t, you’d still be disappointed.

Everyone else has already stopped
It was fine when we were all doing it. We all supported each other and that kind of thing, but now it’s just you? It’s making everyone else look bad, and if you’re honest with yourself you’re lonely. Come on.

You’ll eventually give up anyway
Since you’re going to give up eventually, and everyone knows it, why not just cut to the chase and give up now? What’s the sense in carrying on with this useless charade when you know exactly how it ends? Wouldn’t it be a relief to just stop?

It’s February
In January yeah, but in February? I know you’re all like ‘I want to keep my momentum’ but it’s February. And March after that. It’s just not realistic.

I mean, Brexit. Kind of makes your thing look pathetic in comparison, doesn’t it? Bit selfish? When Brexit’s going on?

So why bother?
Given all that, why bother? It’s so much easier not to. You literally don’t have to do anything but stop. Yeah? Yeah.