Woman on payday acting like eccentric heiress

A WOMAN who has just been paid  is acting like an eccentric heiress from the 1920s, it has emerged.

Upon checking her bank balance, Helen Archer immediately purchased two hats, a fake fur scarf, a ‘Balinese bamboo facial’ and returned from her lunch break clutching a tiny dog.

Colleague Joanna Kramer said: “She offered to buy me a coffee, and when we got to the counter she added a cake as well.

“She told the guy to ‘keep the change’ even though it was £14.70. And for some reason she was wearing sunglasses even though it had been raining for three days.

“I’m not sure why she does it. We literally do the same job and get paid the same. The only difference is I have to lend her fifty quid every three and a half weeks.”