Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Woman spends entire holiday photographing her legs in front of some water

A WOMAN has spent an entire holiday taking pictures of ‘views’ that just happen to be behind her tanned legs.

Nikki Hollis has posted more than 50 pictures of her legs lying on beaches and next to swimming pools.

Hollis said: “I just wanted to capture all the beautiful scenery I saw on my holiday.

“The turquoise oceans, the white sands, the inviting pool.

“But who cares about that shit, look at my legs! My lovely, tanned shiny legs, see how they shimmer in the sunlight in front of the big water and notice how the blue sky compliments my nail polish.

“My legs are living their best life.  #blessedlegs.”

Facebook friend Emma Howard said: “I bet the rest of her looks like sh*t.”